Composit ArredamentoSome beauty products are real works of art. This is especially true for perfumes, whose bottle designs are often iconic, sometimes innovative and sculpture-like, but there are also some famous cases of good design of lipsticks and nail polishes. They can really work as decorative elements in your house, and be a part of your daily life as well as your beauty routine, if you place them well in your home. Using beauty product as home decor is very simple, and we also have a recycling tip for you: saving the planet has never been this chic! 😉

The main trick here is choosing well. Special large formats, limited editions and luxury collections are always a good starting point. Anything over 100ml is rather big in size, and can be beautifully placed in a neat row on a shelf, or gathered on a tray, or on any other flat surface, to brighten up any environment. The beautiful thing about crystal is that it is very reflective, and this will create almost magical light effects on your walls. Don’t forget that, in the long run, perfume gets altered by sunlight and high temperatures, so be aware you might end up sacrificing your favorite fragrances this way, if you choose to showcase them rather than wear them.

These are the classic beauty products that you can use as decoration. What you may not know is that they can be transformed and reused again, after their traditional use. The first step is cleaning the wax out. You can do this by placing the candle’s container in your freezer for 30-40 minutes, and get rid of the leftovers with a kitchen knife. And… VoilĂ , your used candles are ready for their new role: you could store your makeup brushes in them, or use them as a small container, if you’ve got one with a lid. Another common way to use candles is as bookends: their weight will help you keep your bookshelf nice and tidy.

Nail polish
Color, color and more color. If you love minimalism, this can be an understated way to spice up your rooms. The best way you can use them, in our opinion, is by placing your varnish in a big bowl or in a jar, as you would with colorful candy. You could use one jar per color, or make one rainbow jar. If you would rather go for a tidier approach, you could find a few transparent acrylic containers, and use them to organise your varnish collection: it will be super easy to find the right color at the right time, just in time for your next manicure.

Small acrylic containers might be helpful here, too, because one lipstick is definitely not big enough to make a piece of decoration. You can usually find containers with space for up to 9 lipsticks: you could pick your favorite colors to beautify your room. In this case, collector lipsticks, which usually come in beautiful, golden packaging, are most useful. If you own a few of the same brand, make sure you group them together to create a surprising pattern-like effect. Next time you are having an artsy day, you will have a handy, excellent tool for leaving a message on the mirror… 😉

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