Composit - MascaraYou’ve probably walked into the drugstore before and thought: which mascara should I pick for my lashes? In the realm of beauty and its colourful confusion, here’s a guide that will help you with your selection. Let’s explore together the different types of mascara, the reasons to choose them and our favorites for each category, which you’ll find in our gallery.

VOLUMIZING MASCARA Choose this type of mascara if you feel you have very thin eyelashes or if they’re naturally very light (even blonde), but you still like the way they look. Formulas with a volumizing effect cover the whole length more easily and they deliver amazing results. If you are not afraid of clumps or of a ‘falsies’ effect, this is the right category for you. You’ll just have to be generous with the layers of product, applying your favorite mascara 2 or 3 times, letting it dry a few seconds between applications.

LENGTHENING MASCARA Dedicated to those with naturally very short lashes, these mascaras often contain fibers that enhance the lengthening effect. We especially love them for their natural look. They’re the ideal allies of all day, effortless make up. They’re also the easiest to remove at the end of the day… For those who hate turning into a panda each time.

CURLING MASCARA The category for who’s looking for that femme fatale, va-va-voom effect! If you have very long and strong lashes, this type of mascara will help you structure your look. Just a little precaution to keep in mind for its application: always look down or it’ll be very easy to smudge the upper eyelid.

3-IN-1 MASCARA There’s also a category dedicated to those who are still undecided. Many formulas fit most needs and transform any look, dramatically improving its appearance. These mascaras are certainly not the ones with the most natural effect. These are, in fact, the ones with the most intense composition that might bother, for example, those who wear contact lenses or who have very sensitive eyes.

Have you found out which mascara will work best for you? Now, you’ll just have to browse through our gallery and make your selection. Let us know what’s your favorite one!

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