I’m not one to wear much makeup; I never was. Be it because my sensitive skin doesn’t usually agree with cosmetics, or because I am lazy (my beauty colum is called The Lazy Girl Diary after all): but during the day, I just wear as little makeup as possible, and very often, especially in the summer, only mascara. However, I love playing around with makeup: at TBS Crew, I am always the first to try new products, from bright and glitter nail polishes to unusual lipstick colors; last year, I even dyed my hair a teal color. So when a gold mascara arrived for us to try, I did not hesitate to wear it, thinking it would be the first and only time I did, as it frequently happens.

You guys. Right after work, I’d planned to have a drink with friends and I’d completely forgotten about the gold mascara. But my friends noticed instantly and commented on how bright my eyes looked that day! A few days later, I wore it again to attend the presentation of a new beauty product; it was a huge hit, with PRs asking me about the name of the brand, because it looked so good. So it dawned on me that this product had a lot of potential: gold mascara is a simple product that does not require full-face makeup – in fact, it looks best on an otherwise natural-looking face. And still, there’s something magical about what your eyes look with it, even though the observer can’t tell where this magnetism comes from.

Long story short: gold mascara is now part of my beauty bag – forever. I wore it during summer evenings for extra luminosity that suited my tan perfectly, and I will wear it in the winter, when my makeup will entail eyeliners, kajal pencils, and dark eye shadows again, to which gold mascara will give unexpected brightness. Remember: better not to wear lipstick or wear a nude color, and use a generous amount of black mascara underneath… that’s how gold mascara will be at its best!

PS: this product is not easy to find: see the two options we propose in the gallery, but there’s an extra trick: you can apply your golden eyeliner onto your mascara, and the final result will be quite similar to what you’d achieve with the product itself!

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