Summer is our favorite season, not just because that’s when we get to travel, but also because the sun makes us prettier! Our complexion changes and our skin glows. As a consequence, our beauty routine changes, too: we leave aside the makeup products we use the rest of the year and pick up completely summer-y makeup that enhances our tan and makes all those hours under the sun even more worth it.

First step: moisturize your skin so that it’s even fresher and more glowing, and use a BB cream for smooth skin. Then you can apply a light-texture bronzer in lieu of powder and abound with highlighter (the latter you can apply on its own with no foundation if you’re in a rush).

Keyword: warmth. For your eyeshadow and lipstick, choose warm colors, whether they are light or darker hues. Bronze, brown, orange, and coral are the perfect colors, better yet if they have satin finish – it’s so chic. These colors work as well for blondes as they do for brunettes and redheads, so no need to worry about matching! Need some tips? Here’s our favorite products for this summer.

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