3U5A8418It’s time to shine! When we were in Paris we had the opportunity to meet the amazing Pat McGrath, who realized a very special makeup for Chiara using her brand new Gold 001, a limited edition product able to accentuate eyes, lips and skin with blinding luminosity. We couldn’t miss the opportunity to interview her. We talked to Pat about her career, her beauty case essentials and, of course, the new Gold 001 by Pat McGrath Labs: read the interview and discover the makeup tips she gave to us!

How did you become a make up artist?
My mother was obsessed with fashion, classic Hollywood films, and cosmetics, and her passion directly influenced my career as a makeup artist. Then, as a teenager, I became obsessed with the outrageous looks of Punks, New Romantics, and Blitz Kids.  I was heavily influenced by the way these artists embraced makeup so fearlessly and how they uniquely they challenged the conventional notions of beauty.

How do you create a make up for a show?
I start by meeting with the designer to discuss the artistic direction and inspiration of the show. Then I develop a myriad of looks that embody the mood and spirit of the collection. I love pushing the limits of my makeup designs. Experimenting and playing with a variety of products and mediums keeps my looks ever changing. Exploring new concepts to envision a design that works best with the collection keeps me inspired!

What’s the make up look for next spring summer 2016?
This past show season, one of the major beauty trends was metallics – not only on the eyes but also on the lips and ears. There were metallic accents at Margiela on the eyes and cheeks and silver on the ears at Louis Vuitton. We saw aquatic blue and green accents on the eyes at DVF. And of course, the gold lips at Prada with the debut of Gold 001!

What’s special about Gold 001?
This gold pigment looks like a pure metal foil that’s unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. I knew once I touched it that it was major – there is something magnificent about its pure form that leaves me breathless!

What’s the perfect way to apply it?
The best way to apply it is by blending with brushes and with your fingers.

What is your favorite makeup tip for a day look and a night makeup look?
My favorite makeup tip for a day look is to put on a gorgeous lipstick. Even if you don’t have time to dedicate to an entire makeover in the morning, a good lipstick will brighten the entire face and looks quite chic with no other makeup. Berry-tones, pinkish-mauves, and deep wine stains are my favorites.Nighttime makeup for me is all about deep tones and reflective qualities. Deep smoldering eyes with a beautiful metallic touch on the center of the eyelids or a dot of gold on the Cupid’s bow is a great place to take your makeup for a night out. A good black eye kohl that you can smudge into the lash line with a few good coats of mascara is a must. A good highlighter that can accent the cheekbones and add dimension to the eyes will do wonders for you, even in the lowest lighting situation.

What’s the must in a woman’s beauty case?A really good black or dark brown eye kohl, black mascara, eyelash curler, brow pencil, sheer foundation, concealer, and a blush that can double as a lip color.

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PARIS, October 2015

Makeup by Pat McGrath
Photos by Andrew Arthur

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