This is an essential topic for all the girls at TBS. Even those who don’t particularly care for makeup do care about this one detail: taking care of your lashes really allows you to make your gaze more intense in just one gesture – which usually means applying mascara. In the wonderful world of lashes, there are three techniques that can help you enhance what nature already gifted you with: that’s why these deserve your attention.

1. Products to stimulate lash growth. You can find them in perfume stores as well as in pharmacies, they come as serums, or they can be applied like mascara. These products nourish your eyelashes, enhancing their length and volume. Just one word of warning: you need to be consistent with their use, you can’t apply them just every now and then and still expect results.

2. Fake lashes. This is the perfect solution for lazy girls who still want a va-va-voom effect. With fake lashes, practice makes perfect, so we really do not recommend starting out with expensive products. Get tweezers and good glue, they will both be very helpful to successfully apply your new fake lashes.

3. Eyelash extensions. They are only for the brave, and they are very satisfying. The good: they are semi-permanent, they give you a sexy look, and you can wave your mascara goodbye thanks to them. The bad: it’s a pretty expensive beauty habit, when you see the results you might get hooked, and you might still need a touch of makeup between treatments.

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