Since I realized I love beauty products and that I adore them like you adore a work of art, I have been living on the edge. On the cutting edge, even, precisely on the thin line that lies between using my products – which would make sense, if you buy something, you want to make the best of it – and the temptation to turn them into museum pieces, not touching them at all. I feel anxious I might ruin things I like. It would be great if Ancient Greek or Latin had a word to describe this feeling, gifting it with an aura of nobility, but my exhausting search on phobias was to no avail. I did find out, on the other hand, that there are people who are afraid of very beautiful women, and that is called Venustraphobia. Anyway, back to the main topic: you know what I mean, I am sure. A lot of incredible new products hit the shelves during the holidays, lots of new stuff in limited edition, from eyeshadow palettes to nail polish, to highlights (my new obsession, because they are beautiful and sparkly) and lipsticks. It’s all so pretty that you can’t just not own it, but when you finally have it in your hands, you feel like suddenly all your nightmares just came true. OMG, what if I scratch the surface? What if I use a brush that is overly rough, and end up damaging it? It’s that classic situation in which people would think I am crazy if I actually voiced out what’s on my mind. But I know there’s a lot of other people like me out there.
Write a comment and reassure me, please – I can’t believe I am the only one who falls in a trance while admiring the decoration and the beautiful swirls of pigment, and feels guilty if she just even thinks of touching anything to check out texture. I give up pretty often, actually, and do just that. If you wanted to analyze me, it could mean that I feel like I damage everything I touch, that I am trying to protect the beautiful things in my life, unsuccessfully. It’s so satisfactory though, it’s like cracking the top of a crème brulée with your little teaspoon. Aesthetically speaking it’s not the same, but beauty lies underneath the surface. What sweet would it be without cream? The question is not whether you own a limited edition product or not, actually, I think the best thing is discovering that we really like something. Yes, you need a bit of courage to taint something beautiful in the beginning, but it will probably become something fantastic, I promise. It will become a favorite new look, or the memory of a wonderful day, that will stay with you every single time you open the case. Go on, open that palette you always wanted to try, and use it up! Next year you will be able to buy a new limited edition that you can pretend to add to your collection 😉

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