Remember those pink vanities we had as kids, packed with colorful makeup? And to be more precise, do you remember those makeup kits that we nagged our mums to buy, with so many cream lipsticks we would wobblily apply with our fingers, often outside the outlines of our lips? If you do, get ready to re-live your childhood, because lip palettes are back!

We may have wanted to copy our mums as kids, but more than anything, we were fascinated by colors and textures: growing up, these palettes were always a welcome birthday or Christmas gift. By the time we grew up, palettes had been pushed out of the market, while we got distracted by single products, which were getting more and more professional at the same time… And let’s be honest, we are all kind of addicted to beauty shopping: we would rather own millions of lipsticks and a thousand eyeshadows, rather than just one box that includes both.

Still, eyeshadow and lipstick palettes are essential — as you may notice watching youtubers and makeup artists: not just for creating perfect contouring and smokey eyes, but also for your lips. They make it easier not only to blend different shades, but also to change lipstick quickly, if necessary. Trousses are all very thin and easy to carry in your bag, so you can access them whenever you need to; they’re perfect for travelling, so you don’t have to choose just one or two lipstick colors for your holiday. Brushes might be the only issue, since these kits often don’t include one, so you will have to carry your own. Other than this minor issue, though, palettes are a very good investment, simply because they give you more choice. And don’t think that palettes are not professional: all our favorite brands have at least one!

Are you ready for some fun? Ready to experiment again, as if you were little girls again?

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