Who would have guessed that lipgloss would have made a comeback? After years wearing matte, liquid and long lasting lipsticks, and heaven knows what else, one of the most representative makeup trends of the 1990s is back with us! I am pretty happy about it, to be honest. You know why? Because lip gloss nowadays has nothing to do with the awful formulas that were available until a few years ago: lip glosses are a lot less sticky today, they last longer, and they moisturise your lips. If you like Kylie Jenner’s look, choose a volumizing formula, which will make your lips look fuller in an instant thanks to the prickly agents it contains. It basically works like an artificial bee sting, but don’t worry, it’s just a temporary effect, and it disappears quite quickly.

Another thing you can do is try another technique that is very popular among lip gloss lovers: lip strobing. This is basically a way to make your lips look like they are fuller, by tricking the eye thanks to an interplay of light and shadow effects you create with your lipstick and your gloss. The first step to create this effect is choosing a base color, and applying it to the entire surface of your lips. The second step is the actual strobing! Do it with an illuminating gloss, choose either something full of glitter or slightly metallic, putting your Cupid’s arch and the middle section of your lower lip under the spotlight. To make it all more seamless, lightly smudge it all towards the corners of your mouth, this will make your look seem more “natural”. Have a look at the gallery for a few examples, we also threw in a few product suggestions, to help you choose what you need for this kind of makeup!

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    Anche Sephora ne ha commercializzato uno con effetto volumizzante: Outrageus – Effet volume. Io ho il numero 02. molto bello e a media durata

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