If you asked your friends what their favorite beauty product is, it is likely that their voices will all answer the same way, like a choir: lipstick! The good thing about lipstick is that it doesn’t really change your features, but it will adorn them, with only one touch of color. On bad days, lipstick is a must: it will revive your complexion, and move the attention to your lips, away from your (possibly dark circle-ridden) eyes! If you don’t just want to distract people, but you actually want the attention of those around you, try one of the techniques we are about to describe, and you will strike everyone’s attention.
Here are three lipsticks you wouldn’t expect, meaning textures and uncommon techniques that are becoming more and more common in the world of beauty, and are on their way to becoming the next trends.

glitterYou saw them everywhere, being used to hide dark circles in the under-eye area, too. Even if they might seem like a terrible idea – make sure you avoid these lipsticks, especially around mealtime! – they are actually incredibly pretty. They have been very common on catwalks for the past few years, but the technique to copy this look is really something you can easily copy at home. Use one of your favorite liquid lippies as a base: apply it and wait until it becomes a little sticky. When it does, dip a Q-tip into your glitter, and apply that to your lips: voilà! For a more dramatic look, perfect for a photo shooting, get some glitter glue and cover your entire mouth: the risk of not standing out will be next to zero.

powderIt’s all about texture here: it might seem incredible, but there is such a thing as powder lipstick. These are special pigments, a sort of “magical powder”, if you will. When the powder touches your skin, it will change and its texture will become very creamy, and very matte. These futuristic lipsticks are perfect as a multitasking product, they work very well as blush when going for a monochrome look, and they are a joy to carry in your bag, since they take up so little space for retouching. Only use them on very well hydrated lips, because unfortunately, these lipsticks will tend to dry them up. Keep them away from gloss, though: if you mix them together, they will create a very unpleasant paste that you’ll want to remove immediately!

stainThis texture is no news, we know, but after a few years in oblivion, it’s making a comeback, to the point of becoming a must-have item. This is a liquid product that stains your lips, as the name says, leaving you with a very intense color that lasts very long, without any blotches – which can be the case with some liquid lipsticks, instead. There are a lot of many different formulas, from traditional liquid stains to new Korean jelly ones, these are incredible! Just apply the product for 10 minutes and peel it off: apart from the fun part of applying it, the effect doesn’t change so much. Just choose your favorite formula, and start experimenting!

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