No doubt about it: black, extra long lashes are the hot trend for Fall Winter 2017. They grab all attention in an instant, and the blacker they are, the more seductive they will look. Long lashes will make your eyes look bigger, and they can lend a smart or a languorous look to your face, depending on how you apply your mascara, and on which type of mascara you choose.

Looking at the shows, we saw Max Mara, Kristina Ti and Blugirl draw seductive and chic lashes; others, like PPQ, Jour Ne, Zuhair Murad and Marco Valvo, turned them into tiny black tufts. If you prefer more natural, mellow looks, find your inspiration from Christian Sirano, who accurately separates extra long lashes.

You might already know that there is a type of mascara for each kind of lashes, but you’ll need to know a few extra tricks if you want to have extra long, thick and black lashes. One of these is obviously choosing an extra black mascara, for ultra long lashes. The true secret is in the wand, though: if it’s bristles are long and full, they will help you apply mascara on every single lash — the downside to this is that you might get dirty more easily if the wand is shaped that way. Thinner wands with the same kind of long bristles make it easier to apply mascara to side lashes, shaping them exactly the way we want: curve them and lower them on the sides, for a doe-eyed effect. If you want your lashes to look thick, choose a wand with plastic bristles: the shorter and thicker the bristles, the more mascara you will apply on your lashes, making them look thicker and fuller.

Here is a last trick: start from the root of your lashes and follow their length, but most of all: APPLY MORE THAN ONE LAYER OF MASCARA! You could also choose to use two different kinds of mascaras, one for extra length and shape, and the other to make your lashes look darker. You might need an extra five minutes to do your makeup, but your lashes will wow everyone, for sure. You won’t need to use fake lashes, and your eyes will be admired by all!

All noted down? Enjoy the gallery, then, and let the looks you see there and the best mascaras for you inspire you!

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