When it comes to beauty, online, everybody loves a good challenge. And the beauty community has seen it all (literally!) from non-touring to rainbow highlighting, through to baking and clown contouring. We didn’t want to be outdone, that’s why we asked ourselves whether it is possible to do a makeup look just using pencils? Spoiler: the answer is yes (although we did cheat a little in a few cases). Pencils have many advantages, for example, they can be carried around easily, so having a beauty case full of these kinds of products is perfect for holidays or weekends away. Minimum volume, maximum potential! Let’s see, step-by-step, how to create the perfect look using pencils; our favorites are in the gallery.

1. Primer. Prepare to be surprised, as this is not the step we cheated on. So yes, there are primers that come in pencil form. There are those for eyebrows, lips, but also for the face. In this case don’t apply the product all over skin, but focus, for instance, on the crucial points around the eyes and the mouth, on the nose and forehead, and between the eyebrows.

2. Foundation. Ok, so we had some difficulties finding a pencil for this. However there are sticks, which at the end of the day are simply chunkier pencils aren’t they? Oh come on, let this one slide and apply some, or perhaps it’s a beautiful day and you’re not in the mood to wear foundation.

3. Concealer. You can sleep soundly, or not sleep at all and cover your bags with a pencil! There are many options in this range of products. Remember that peach tones are the best allies for fighting dark circles under the eyes.

4. Eyebrows. This category is very easy, there are solutions to suit all tastes. Thin or thick pencils and dry or gel-like formulas. You really have an awful lot of choice. For true fixing power, be sure that the ingredients contain a good percentage of wax.

5. Cheeks. Here’s where the game gets serious: we can speak of contouring, lightening and blush! There are many alternatives out there. To give you an idea of some top products we included our favourite ones in the gallery. For the blush, the ideal thing, (except for fire red) is to play with the colour that you’ll be choosing for the next step – the mouth.

6. Lips. Do we really need to say anything about this step? No. But we do have some advice: make the most of this challenge by experimenting with a thin pencil to fill the lips in completely. If you try this we promise you’ll never again use a pencil just for the contour.

7. Eyeshadow. Even this step isn’t difficult to achieve. While experimenting we did discover something: metallic colours are much better than matte, and also allow the look to last all day without any particular effort. Moving on to the evening makeup, you just need to add a darker pencil and smudge with your fingers.

8. Mascara. We’ve left the true defeat until last. It was to be expected: can you imagine a mascara in pencil form?!

Drawing conclusions: We are very happy with the results of the challenge. 7 steps (ok, ok six and a half; at least we tried with the foundation) out of 8 were a big success! So, will you be trying to do a makeup look using just pencils?

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