Composit EyesIf we say the words “spring” and “closet”, it will probably make you think of having to modify your wardrobe for summer, and shuffle clothes around your closet. This annoying  chore haunts us every spring and fall, messing up our house while we try to pick clothes for the new season! To make it more fun, at least for those of us who love beauty products, we wondered, why not change our makeup seasonally, too? Here is a small guide for eye makeup trends, showing you the perfect eyeliners and eyeshadows for Spring Summer 2016. Cleaning up our makeup bags and drawers is a piece of cake, compared to the epic task of doing the same to our closest! So, what are the trends, and what products should we be keeping handy, then?

Metals. Any make up with a metal finish, especially if it has a silver tone. It will brighten your look, and metal is a very simple effect you can obtain by using just a single product. If you are feeling adventurous, you can add some glitter to your look, of course! Cream products are a must-have for this season, for the ease and speed you can apply them with, and for their longer length.

Go bold or go home. Eyeshadows in soft, neutral colors, anyone? No, thank you. Let’s give a chance to bold, rich colors for once! Vivid-colored eyeshadows create a very dramatic effect — try it, you won’t be disappointed. The guidelines for this style are pretty simple: choose one color only, and keep the rest of your face very clean, opting for nude shades for your lips.

Smudge that liner, baby. Yes, you can use eyeliner… But you must smudge it a little. The other thing you can do is draw a thicker, well defined line — but you don’t want to look excessively posh! The good news here is, you don’t need to be too skilled at applying eyeliner, so just go for it! Use soft eyeliner pencils to get this look in a matter of seconds. Smudge it with your fingers, or a brush.

What’s your favorite look? Pick one from the gallery and tell us in a comment!

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