Attention all units, this is not a drill! The beauty world went crazy for one type of texture again, and after cushions, now is the time for mousse. It’s highly unlikely that any beauty product you name right now doesn’t come in a handy mousse format, too. Remember when we told you about Pantene’s new foam conditioner, a very peculiar format considering the product? R+co just introduced a hair mask that almost looks like it is made of beaten eggs. Ouai, Drybar and TRESemme also created a dry shampoo in this texture: say what? No, really, it’s true. And it’s not just the makers of hair products who lost their head (haha) about this new way to present a product, a lot of skincare companies did just the same. Mousse has always been appreciated as a good texture for facial cleansing, but now it also comes as a body foam. The oddest new product is Supergoop!’s sunscreen, which leaves no residue and is very easy to reapply throughout the day. And don’t even think makeup could be missing here, of course not! There is such a thing as foam foundations, really! It’s not as cool as it sounds though, you will still need a brush to apply them, but it’s a good start. Especially compared to liquid foundations, foam foundations feel a lot lighter on the skin and don’t feel heavy, sparing you that feeling of wanting to remove all makeup halfway through your day. Have a look at our gallery, and discover all the products we know of that come in a mousse format!

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