Kim Kardashian has declared that the era of contouring is finished. If she says so, all we can do is trust her on that: at a session at London Vogue festival, the celebrity admitted to abandoning her beloved beauty routine, in order to wear less makeup in her everyday life. Her husband Kanye reportedly loves her more natural look, so the star is now happier to turn to strobing instead of contouring. That means: so long dark powders and sticks, and welcome highlighters, and all products to create the notorious no-makeup look! Have a look at our gallery to see what products we recommend you (and Kim) to perfect the wonderful art of non-touring – that’s a new name that came up during the interview. We bet this will be the talk of town for a while… If you are real contouring aficionados, if it’s any consolation, it will feel good to know that Kim is also struggling to completely give up on it, she keeps on using this technique to define her nose. As is always the case with anything new… It takes some getting used to!

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  • Love Dior, you get something real good for sure and that’s what I like big time! Love your site, Chiara!
    x Frederique

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  • Great post, I wrote about this too. I don’t see why it is called non-touring when she clearly is still contouring. Quite the misnomer. I feel that this is pretty much what everyone (i.e. most people who aren’t on TV and red carpets around the clock) do every day: lightly contour. If you would like to check out my post with a quick tutorial, I will leave a link below. Love your site x

    ALittleKiran | Bloglovin

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