When we look at catwalks to try to figure out what trends might be noticeable at the shows, there are always two feelings there. On the one hand, joy, the joy to discover new trends, because it’s a task we love. On the other hand, we also feel slightly troubled, because we would like to get to work immediately, and recreate these looks right away, without waiting until the time comes for which they were actually designed. One of the best things about the world of beauty is that we are free to break the rules anytime. It is very rare – unless special, new products were used that aren’t available for sale yet – that we actually have to wait to obtain the same makeup style we saw at a show. Here are the 3 makeup trends of the Paris Fashion Week for Fall Winter 2017-2018 that we think you should try straight away!

We immediately noticed them at Balmain’s show, which presented an incredible look, worthy of modern amazons! The trend was soon confirmed on the Chloé and Chanel runways, to name just two. The guidelines for this makeup style are actually pretty simple: focus on the eyes, smudge less and spend more time perfecting your trait. As you can imagine, knowing how to properly work an eyeliner is an essential skill! The upside is, you won’t have to pass your exam until September, so you have six months to hone your skills.

bold-lipsBright colors on your lips are a little like floral prints in spring: groundbreaking! It’s definitely not easy to see them on people in the cold season – it’s the kind of look we usually leave to Katy Perry. Some designers decided to defy conventions though, and went for this bold style, leaving the rest of the face looking very natural, to avoid the clown effect. We challenge you to wear fuchsia: all you’ll need to do is modify the undertone of your favorite red, or opt for a beautiful shade of raspberry or orange to have full-impact lips without feeling out of place.

byebyemakeupEdith Piaf used to sing, “Je ne regrette rien…”, and we think that the nothing she regretted about her life also included stepping out of the house without any makeup at all. Apparently, this is a time-honored tradition in France – Parisian ladies never wear too much makeup, that would be vulgar – and it seems like it will also be a must for next Fall Winter. Dior, Lanvin, Loewe, Balenciaga, Celine, Louis Vuitton… A lot of maisons went for this look, challenging conventions and allowing all women to express their beauty as Mother Nature intended it. This feminist new wave may not have been limited to silhouettes and slogan T-shirts after all, perhaps it is also starting to outline a new idea of femininity, free of any frills and superfluous constructs. We are ready for revolution. Are you?

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