WHO Linda Treska, a true beauty expert, who has been working in the field for two decades and is the passionate founder of the first US brand that was created for taking care of others, Pinch of Colour. Her project aims at raising her clients’ awareness about water conservation.

WHAT A line of eco-sustainable cosmetics that supports an environmental-friendly lifestyle, uniting two very strong trends in the beauty world: the use of natural products, and water-free formulas, with the latter one being the starting point of Lisa’s engagement and mission. Their efforts are not limited to formulas: part of the revenue from Pinch of Beauty’s sales is destined to charities that work to guarantee access to safe, drinkable water in several locations in developing countries.

WHY On top of having a good heart, this brand’s products are excellent quality. Lipsticks were their first product and drew everyone’s attention: they are super pigmented, they are soft on the lips and come in hues that work for pretty much any skin tone. Their formulas are not diluted with water, and contain excellent ingredients, with no trace of parabens, phthalates, or mineral oils. Even their packaging is completely recycle-friendly!

TBS ♥ Their Honey Glow highlighter really is honey-scented! It’s so good you might end up trying to taste it. Really, though, it’s fantastic for having a golden glow, without overdoing it with glitter. Their lipsticks have wonderful colors: our current favouries are Stella and Daphne, but you really should just try them all. 😉

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