It’s not summer until someone says: pool party! So you must be ready for whenever an invitation comes your way for a super cool party, and stock your beauty bag for your vacation with super bright, glam makeup. At a pool party, there is one and only one rule: have one hell of a time! For make up, the same applies – bright and fun colors will make you the prettiest and most desirable. Of course, the make up you use will have to be waterproof and long-lasting, unless you want to end up with a naked face (or worse, looking like a panda bear) after touching the water.

Now, time to get started: first thing, always protect your skin with sunscreen, to which you can add foundation or BB cream to accentuate your tan. Keyword: glow, so highlighter will have to be one of your must-haves. Your eyebrows will need special attention: pencils and eye shadows tend to disappear in water or to melt in the sun, so make sure your pencils are waterproof.

The focus of makeup are the eyes, where you can be daring and use bright hues such as orange, blue, sky blue, white and gold, or even neon colors! These must necessarily be cream or stick products with guaranteed long duration – which will not only mean long-lasting makeup, but also bolder effects! If you don’t love bright colors and prefer to stick to safe black makeup, kajal is what you need. If you’re brave, you can surprise people with artsy, geometric makeup designs. Finally, get crazy with colored, glitter mascara!

Want your lips to be at the center of attention instead? Play around with metallic lipstick, or super matte colors for waterproof kisses! Finally, a cream or gel blush, and voila – makeup done! What else? Oh yeah, have fun!

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