Every time you think you’ve seen it all, something new always comes along — especially when to comes to cosmetics, which are always evolving, we really should be ready to expect anything. Powder lipsticks, that you apply with small sponges, are the latest hype: we tested them for you, and wrote our list of pros and cons.

PROS. They are matte, and they can be easily applied with a brush. Their texture is silky, they are lightweight and they don’t dry your lips, so don’t take the word “powder” too seriously, because they actually feel very soft, a pleasure to wear. Another good thing about powder lipsticks is that they are pretty long-lasting, although they are not permanent: don’t expect them to still be on your lips after you eat or drink, because the outline is all that will be left after a meal.

CONS. Powder lipsticks being mat make them very dangerous if your lips have any flaws, because they will make them all more visible! This is why these lipsticks won’t look very good if you don’t prepare your lips first, either with a lip scrub or with a primer. When choosing your primer, make sure you don’t choose an overly buttery one, but rather go for one that just fills the creases of your lips, making them smoother, making your lipstick last a lot longer. The last flaw we can think of is that you will end up using a rather large quantity of it when you apply your lipstick, because it tends to run out quite quickly when you put it on.

All in all, we really liked powder lipsticks, you just need to learn to use them the right way. Have you already tested them? Let us know how it was if you did!

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