I usually do my makeup myself everyday: I am saying this because I don’t want you to think I am like a celebrity, with a makeup artist available for me each day. About two weeks ago though, I was at a photoshoot for a project, and had my makeup done by a professional. She told me something that really struck me: “your skin really drinks makeup up”. Ah, so I wasn’t dreaming that up! Despite the love and care I put into my beauty routine, foundation always seems to want to just slide off my face, to disappear forever. Of course, I asked the makeup artist how to solve this problem, and she suggested I choose a new primer: apparently, the one I had chosen, thinking it would help my base stay matte, was not the right one for me!
My skin needs water, so I need a very moisturizing primer that doesn’t force my skin to resort to absorbing the moisture it needs from makeup, eating all the moisture up. This got me thinking about the importance of primer in our daily routine. We all need primer, you know why? Because, in addition to the obvious task of making your makeup last longer, primer also works as a protective layer. You will especially realize that if you live in a particularly polluted city: it’s a product that works as a barrier, and that is able to protect your skin from the worst polluting agents.

Here is a good way to test your primer: try to go out for a few hours, with only your primer on. Once you are back home, clean your skin with a cotton disc, with a little micellar water or some biphasic makeup remover: you will be able to see the city’s grayness caught onto the disk as in a filter. Quite shocking, I know – this is usually how I convince my friends to introduce primers into their beauty routine. If applying primer every day seems like too much effort, at least don’t give up on sunscreen, for any reason, and keep your primer in your vanity for those days on which you will need your makeup to last several hours. Speaking of long-lasting stuff, over the last few days, the world of beauty was shaken by the earthquake of a new, incredible product.

There is such a thing as a primer for perfume! It was born of the need to be able to smell a fragrance throughout the day, something that can be quite complicated, considering all the factors at play in this field… But it’s a genius idea! This way, even the most delicate products can stay on your skin for a longer time, and you will not feel like you need to spray your perfume on 8 times a day, running out of your fragrance in just a few weeks. We already discussed primers for mascara some time ago, so I won’t stress you any further with that. Ready to welcome primers? Choose your new BFF in the gallery!

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