We are all in a rush, all the time. It might sound obvious, but it is so very true. After snoozing our alarm about 23 times, rushing in the morning is basically unavoidable. Those people who wake up right when the alarm goes off… How do they do it? Are they even human? Anyway, getting back to serious matters, we are lucky that the beauty industry is always one step ahead of us. Entire R&D departments there are thinking about how much we sleep, about what products we might need to look presentable at work, and about how many cubic meters we may or may not have in our bag for those products. Luckily, experts are smart, and they decided to help us in our daily struggle to stop our bag from looking as huge as Mary Poppins’one. They developed a scientific formula that balances our patience, the available space for makeup, the time at which our alarm goes off and the time we make it to work. According to their calculations, the solution is very simple: just bring your products in your bag with you!
Pocket-sized, bag-friendly makeup is a true lifesaver. It uses up half as much space, and offers double satisfaction, because these aren’t just mini products, they are true multitasking gems that can take care of so many issues in one gesture. Think about lipsticks with small brushes, makeup sponges that absorb excess oils from your skin, bicolor sticks… The list is endless, we could go on for days! We collected our must-have products right now in the gallery. Enjoy! 😉

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  • I love the little bag ones (the hangover and the brunch!), everything you need all together. I’ve never seen the stila foundation/concealer in one however that is genius! I’ve never understood those women who bring entire foundation bottles or eyeshadow palettes with them on the go.


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