WHO The Ramos sister, Michelle, Caroline and Katherine: 3 young women with a passion for the magical side of beauty ingredients, and fascinated by the ritual power of colors and pigments. Two of them – Michelle and Caroline – are makeup artists, with plenty of experience in the fashion world as well as in Hollywood. Katherine completes the team with her writing skills and her love for e-commerce, creating digital content.

WHAT Their makeup line, named Rituel de Fille, is so crazy it might really be supernatural. Every color is created by the three sisters, respecting the rules they established for themselves, just as if they were creating a magic potion. No fillers, no superfluous ingredients: every component is carefully selected, in order to obtain the best results.

WHY If we only had to use one word to describe these products, it would have to be “magical”. The strength of their pigments makes us really believe in the existence of unicorns, and their Instagram account applies their aesthetics in a way that produces wonderful photos.

TBS <3 Other than just being incredible, Rituel de Fille is a 100% cruelty-free makeup line. Forbidden Lipsticks and Inner Glow blushes are a must-try: use them once, and you will never be able to live without them again.

All images from Rituelle de Fille’s Facebook Page.

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