Next year will be the year of glowing, perfect skin, and we know highlighters will be everywhere. Sheer glow foundations have gained some fans too, lately, thanks to lighter textures that won’t make our face look like a mask anymore, thankfully. So, which one is the best for our skin?

When it comes to sheer glow foundation, what really matters is that it covers your flaws, and that it gives your skin a healthy, lovely glow. A glowing skin will also look younger, anyway! All you need to do is find a formula that works for you, because the wrong product might cause your skin to produce excess oil, if you have oily or combination skin.

When it comes to highlighters, we all know that they come in liquid, cream and powder textures, and we also know that we all should have two in our vanity case — one for summer and one for winter, one for the shade of your skin in each season. The rule for highlighters is the same as for foundations: less is more. Only apply it to the important parts of your face: underneath your eyebrows, on your Cupid’s bow and on your chin. This technique is called strobing, and there are different hues you can use to highlight different parts of your face in the right way. Highlighter should be noticeable, but its effect should look elegant, as it is on models during fashion weeks.

Now enjoy the gallery and get inspiration for what products to get. And then get ready to make your face to glow: yes, dark, grey days might be coming, but we will definitely be prepared!

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