How does a trend make its way from the catwalk into our daily life? Sometimes it’s a conscious decision: we see something we like, and decide to copy it. Other times, it’s an unconscious decision: we suddenly find ourselves wanting to wear a certain item, or wishing to do our makeup with a certain product, and there we are, suddenly riding the season’s trend. So, if over the past few weeks you caught yourself thinking that it would be an excellent idea to give your gaze an explosive touch with a little orange mascara, or stopped in front of the shelf with blue eyeshadows for longer than usual, make sure you follow these sudden urges, because pop colors on our eyes will be one of the strongest makeup trends for Spring Summer 2017.

Yes, we realize it might seem like a risky choice at first: honestly, how does one wear yellow eyeshadow? The truth is, it all depends on context, and on your look, of course. But we guarantee that the first step is the hardest, and after that, it will be a walk in the park. Imagine yourself on a beach, having a cocktail with a beautiful dress on your tanned skin, your tan brought out by makeup in orange hues. Marvelous, right? Those of you who live in Milan are probably already complaining: but it just won’t stop raining! Well, it can’t rain all the time, we answer. And if summer is a little behind schedule, we might as well use our valuable time to get used to wearing eyeshadow in pop colors, starting with colder hues, like red and blue: that won’t create an excessively bold contrast with the not-exactly-blue sky over our heads the past few weeks. When sunshine and hot weather finally come, you will be all ready to move on to orange and turquoise eyeshadows. So, did we convince you?

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