Despite initially thinking it was all just a temporary trend, I have to admit I was wrong: vegan cosmetics are really some of the most popular right now. There are multiple reasons for this, and a lot of them are related to people’s feeling that they need to stop using products that contain animal-based ingredients on their body and face. So, going for vegan beauty, what does that actually mean? Let’s figure it all out!

First of all, choosing a vegan product means having to put a lot of attention into choosing what products you will actually use. A vegan cream might not necessarily be organic, for instance, and its formula might contain artificial ingredients, because chemical and mineral products are considered vegan.

Cosmetics companies started considering the new needs of many women — and men — by creating natural cosmetics lines, but these are not necessarily always vegan. Keep this in mind: a product bearing the label “natural” on it does not necessarily mean that that is a product that only includes natural ingredients. If you want to make 100% sure of this, all you have to do is carefully examine the list of ingredients, or download apps like “Biotiful”, which have the lowdown on how green your lipstick, cream or nail polish actually are. All these products must be certified and respect all regulations, they obviously have to be cruelty-free, and they shouldn’t contain any petroleum-based substances, artificial coloring, parabens and silicones.

It all gets even more complicated if you consider makeup and all the accessories you need to apply it, like brushes, because even though a lot of them have natural bristles, these bristles are often made of animal hair. Trying to stay ethical doesn’t compromise the quality of vegan products, however, vegan products may expire more quickly than other products. You obviously also should be aware of the fact that a vegan product might take longer to show its positive effects — for example, when you are using castor oil to take care of your eyebrows, to help them grow.

These vegan cosmetics are just as good as the regular ones — all they do is exploit the moisturizing, energizing or healing properties of plants. This is why you might have to be a little patient and wait for some time until you notice any visible effects, but this is really good for your skin, since these products respect it and don’t have any of the side effects that might be the cause of problems for a while after the products are used. Here is another thing you should keep in mind: a vegan product isn’t necessarily anti allergic: this matters especially when it comes to fresh creams, as these might often contain fruits or vegetables you might be allergic to, like strawberries, peaches or apples.

Choosing vegan make up means being aware of the choice you are making, both regarding its consequences for the planet, and for your body. If you never tried vegan makeup, I suggest you have a look at our gallery, and get experimenting with some new products.

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