Isola Marras ham S16 006The trend is clear: next summer the coolest makeup is the natural one, the one that enhances the most beautiful features of your face by highlighting it to make it appear even more fresh and rested. How to get it, even now, with our winter greyness? The solution is the Strobing that plays with highlights giving the face a radiant look. For those who don’t settle for the classic version, there’s also the ‘chic’ one. We asked Paolo Antonini, Makeup Artist Lancôme, to give us some advice on how to get the Chic Strobing look.

What is the difference between the Chic Strobing and the classic one?
With the Chic Strobing, light is more delicate on the face, your complexion is perfect and bright even though the powder is imperceptible to give that no-make-up effect we love on Parisians women like Caroline de Maigret.

Who’s the Strobing suitable for?
To all those who would like a fresh and glowing makeup. Regardless of age or color complexion, this technique gives a silky-smooth and bright skin. Perfect to find your glow and fighting a dull and tired appearance during winter, and ideal in summer to enhance your tan.

What’s the difference with Contouring?
Contouring outlines your face through shades whereas necessary, allowing to correct asymmetries or small imperfections of your forehead, cheeks, nose and jaw. Strobing, instead, highlights some parts of the face, bestowing more freshness to your complexion and most of all it gives more prominent cheekbones, fuller lips and a more radiant look.

How do you get a Chic Strobing makeup?
Three steps to follow.

1. Prepare the base. The golden rule is to carefully prepare your complexion. After having accurately moisturized your skin, dab a few drops of hydrating serum into your face to instantly reactivate its natural glow. Then you can start perfectioning your complexion; Lancôme Miracle Cushion foundation -to be applied with a sponge- has a modular coverage and fresh and light texture that allows skin to maintain a long-term hydration for an extremely natural effect. To correct dark circles and possible imperfections apply a tiny amount of concealer, and blend it with your fingers or using a specific brush. Then finish by using a brush to fade a small amount of Teint Idole Ultra Compact – a compact foundation with matte effect – on the entire face focusing on the T zone (especially for those who have a combination skin); it is in fact very important to remember that Strobing will appear much more intense and radiant if it’s contrasting rest of the face, that will therefore be more matte.

2. Sculpt face contours. Fading on temples, under the cheekbones and jaw and chin a compact powder at least one shade darker than your complexion. Give definition using a highlighting stylo for the middle of your forehead, nose, inner corner of the eyes, the sides of your eyebrows Cupid bow and the upper area of your chin. Then fade some highlighting powder on cheekbones and eyelids using a soft brush. With a diagonally cut round brush you’ll be able to use darker tones to sculpt and shade while a flatter and smaller one can be used to delicately fade brighter colors. Who doesn’t own a highlighting palette can use a light pearlescent eye shadow. Be careful not to use glittery powders: the glowing effect must come from rigorously satin-finish effect powders. Also beware of excessive powder on the brush, removing a layer of powder it’s more difficult than adding it!

3. Enhance eyes and lips. Never forget an extra black mascara and a touch of gloss in the center of your lips that will give them volume and shine!

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