I confess, I really would like to be able to do without foundation. Despite being a beauty lover, the last thing I like to do is to apply multiple layers of coverage on my face. Sadly, though, my delicate, blemish-prone skin doesn’t agree with me, which means that every morning I have to grab my brush and my makeup sponge, and start working on my daily restoration efforts, in a ritual that doesn’t feel very sacred but that does help me feel happy with what I see in the mirror. There is one thing that offers some relief, luckily: when the warmer season comes, I can change the content of my vanity to something different, abandoning foundation, and choosing lighter textures. You should try that, too! It’s all thanks to the sun, really, it works wonders. The moment it pierces through the clouds, there is no need to apply tons of color anymore. And once you leave the well-worn path for a path less traveled, here is what you will find: light, weightless formulas that can lend a uniform look to your face, without excessive coverage. If you have freckles, like I do, you won’t be covering them at all!

There are basically two product types that are suitable for this time of the year: tinted moisturizers and BB/CC creams. Yes, they are almost identical, but there is a difference, let me explain. The first product is a moisturizer that can also give a touch of color to your skin. The second kind is actually a treatment which can target blemishes – BB stands for Blemish Balm – or discoloration, since CC stands for Color Correcting. The texture of tinted moisturizers is usually lighter, since the ingredient list is usually very short, but it all depends on brand and application.

My favorite method to apply a base in summer, the one I recommend, basically, is the following: soak a sponge in cool water, and wring it out well. This will make your beauty routine very pleasant even with 30C, and it will also stop the sponge from absorbing most of the product: since it is already saturated with water, all the sponge will do will be helping to apply product onto your skin. I almost forgot: one very important thing you should keep in mind when you choose your summer product is sun protection factor! It is absolutely forbidden to wear anything under 30 when it comes to your face, you don’t want to end up looking like Yzma in The Emperor’s New Groove, right? Now, have a look at the gallery to discover what products won our seal of approval… Happy shopping!

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