Composit BrowsBrow-mania is here, and that is no news to anyone. Since last year, it seems that when discussing makeup, everyone’s attention is focused on eyebrows! There are a few good reasons for this, the main one of which is that this feature of our faces is a very defining one, as it adds character to your face, and complements your choice of makeup look. The beauty routine for perfect eyebrows is by no means as complicated as it looks, and it is made of three essential steps.

1) Preparation. Start at your beauty studio, or at home, if you have lots of patience and very good lighting to point straight onto your face. Whether you go for waxing, tweezers or threading, make sure you just shape your eyebrows and don’t turn them into just a thin line. If you end up with just a few random hairs left, you might end up missing your monobrow!

2) Makeup. Ever heard of microblading? It’s a tattoo technique that fills the blank spaces in your eyebrows, in a very natural-looking manner. If a permanent tattoo feels like too much commitment, you can always try dyes, or makeup products. We collected our current favorites in our gallery, there is something for everyone there! If you feel like trying something new, we recommend a pomade: the color is easy to apply, and the results incredibly long-lasting.

3) Fixer. It’s basically mascara, but for your brows. There are transparent and colored ones. Fixer is your perfect ally for those lazy mornings when you don’t feel like investing time to make your eyebrows presentable, but you still want to look like you made an effort. This is an essential step for your look to last all day. Are you newbies, and still confused as to where to start, after all you’ve read? Why not try colored gel, then? It’s an excellent introduction to the wonderful world of perfect brow-routines.

Have you got any tips to share? Please tell us in the comments!

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