Composit - VintageWhen it’s about beauty, we are always in a rush. Brands are launching new products almost nonstop, they come up with new stuff every day, a new it-product hits the shelf every week. In this chaos, though, some people are going back to a slower paced product philosophy, and we love that! It’s vintage inspired beauty products we are talking about here, brands from the past that our mums used, sometimes even our grannies.

Some of these products have morphed into something new, mainly thanks to a packaging revamp. There are also those that you shouldn’t judge by the label — although we find them very cute anyway. These are excellent products not just for your vintage vanity, but also for your skin. Not all of them are so old, actually, some brands have just used the past as inspiration for packaging graphics, but the formulas used are absolutely modern and effective. Take a tour in our gallery and shop with us. Which products do you find most tempting?

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