I was born in 1990, and this is an essential piece of information to understand my perspective here. In the 1990s, we were all waiting for the 2000s. We waited for the new millennium with a little trepidation and fear, we knew the future was coming, but we didn’t know what to expect. Or, to be precise, we had totally unrealistic expectations that were never really matched by reality. Dear readers, remember the 1980s and 1990s movies that were set in the future? They were some of the best sci-fi features ever, and they created a lot of expectations for year 2000. Think of Back to the Future or The 5th Element: we saw module-homes, hoverboards – we really tried our best with those – and hovercrafts, clothing that looked like it came right out of a spaceship, and the kind of ethereal beauty you can only attain when you live in the kind of solar system that has super advanced UV filters.

In 2017, we can safely say that we pushed the idea of “future” to an even further away, uncertain time, because it is clear that we are not ready yet, not entirely at least. The universe of beauty might be the one exception, and it is leaning towards the vision of the future we got from watching the movies we just mentioned. Our time has come — in a good way, of course! We want to show the world that the future is here, and we want it now. The inspirational journey I want to take you on starts at Chanel’s show: #ChanelGroundControl. “Can you hear us, Major Tom?” Their beauty look propels us into space at a thousand miles per hour, with metallic finishes and hyper-precise graphic lines: just what suits a heroine who just fell on Earth from another planet, in order to save us.

In addition to Chanel, a lot of other brands are showcasing ideas that look like they come straight from outer space. Path McGrath’s latest launch is an ode to metallic textures to the Nth degree, with the kind of materic perfection that only the queen of makeup artists can guarantee in each single production batch. Everywhere we look, it’s a feast of holographic highlighters, and even though everyone is talking about unicorns to praise these amazing colors, my first thought went to E.T. and his other friends from outer galaxies. Somebody even found a way to let you experience what outer space smells like, we are not kidding: Fueguia 1833 developed a fragrance called Équation that kind of replicates the fine dust molecules found on astronauts’ suits. Spraying yourself with this fragrance is literally going to give you the scent of somebody who just came back from the orbit. Ready to launch? Have a look at our gallery for a shopping session from another world! 😉

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