Composit SaldiSummer sales are here! Hurrah, are you ready to go and spend your salary like there’s no tomorrow? All fashion lovers know where to go to find the best bargains and discounts, but do you know where to go for cosmetics? Fear not, because here we are, with our TBS guide to beauty sales. Here are our insider tips on what to buy and where, to make the best of the season’s final clearances.

The first rule of this game works to our advantage, because the best sales are found online. Yes, be ready to bid farewell to the meagre 20-25% discounts you get at the perfume store: it is online that prices really, really seriously drop. And on top of that, you will have a much wider selection, the sort of selection that your neighborhood store really can’t compete with. The two best kinds of websites to shop from are those owned by department stores, such as Selfridges or Asos, and the sites that specialize in beauty products. In the first case, you will get substantial discounts on seasonal products, limited edition items and anything that is not available in the store anymore. As for online beauty specialists, trust us… It’ll be like entering wonderland! We tried to detect a logic behind the sales policies of BeautyBay or FeelUnique, then we thought again and realized that the best attitude is to stop asking any questions. As long as they keep on offering us these amazing gifts… We will just not complain.

So, now that we’ve cleared the question of where to buy, let’s talk about what you should get. If you don’t know how to spend your beauty budget, start from the basics. Sales are an excellent time to buy the essential tools that any beauty lover should own. Need examples? You could get a nice vanity case, a hair straightener, a shaver. You will be able to buy quality stuff for reduced prices, it’s really something! Another good idea is investing in brushes and applicators. As for cosmetics and skincare products, you can try limited edition products, or have fun and experiment a little. Try not to spend your time looking for all your favorite products… Those will most likely already be out of stock. Why not rather use sales time as a way to try something new, instead? You can always buy mini-sized version of most products, or see if you find it in a kit with other stuff. Happy shopping!

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