Let’s play a game: try writing a message to your friends, asking them, what was the first makeup item you ever owned? It is quite likely that in a lot of cases, the answer will be gloss. Think about it: it’s easy to understand why gloss is in almost every vanity in the world. It’s a versatile, essential, easy-to-use product that requires next to zero technique to apply, especially if it is clear. A touch of gloss makes your lips look fuller, juicier, hiding imperfect textures due to cold weather, or to the lack of a good scrub.

Everyone knows that by now, anyway: gloss is not necessarily meant only for your mouth. Since the early 2000s, we saw gloss on the catwalk, in editorial shots and on the eyelids of popstars, too. The illuminating, shiny effect you can get by applying gloss, without any glitter or reflective particles, is still more beautiful and better than any effect you can achieve with highlighter. This use of gloss just comes back, over and over, on catwalks and on glossy magazine photoshoots, and now it’s a trend for Spring Summer 2017. You might be wondering at this point: what changed since then? Well, formulas did!

It would have been impossible to play with gloss on your face in your daily life, a while ago. Today, the new products on the market give you the look you want without any of the side effects, such as your hair getting stuck everywhere. So, let’s get glossing! Use it as a highlighter on your cheekbones, on your eyebrow area and on your Cupid’s bow. If you feel adventurous, dab some on your eyelids, too. Don’t forget that if you do that, your eyeshadow will last half as long, and pigment will get stuck in the folds of your eyelids. That said, not to worry, you will definitely look super cool!

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