Composit - LipsPicture the scene. It’s Valentine’s Day night and everything is perfect: mellow music, dimmed lights… Here comes the romantic moment and the kiss. Then you open your eyes and… You find yourself in front of Joker! To avoid the clown effect with smudged lipstick (on both of you) that will ruin even the most romantic evening, you’ll absolutely need a kissproof lip! The winning formula is matte liquid lipstick that does not transfer from your lips to those of the person you’ll kiss and it’s guaranteed to last long.

For a flawless application, we suggest a little lip scrub and a deeply nourishing lip mask or balm that used the night before will allow your liquid lipstick to last even longer. If you need an advice on how to make your favorite lipstick that is not included in the kissproof category last longer, instead, you’ll need a “lipstick sealer“, the equivalent of hairspray for your lips. With this product you’ll be able to transform every lipstick, making it smoochproof! It won’t be as effective as the other formulas (don’t say we didn’t warn you) but it will let you use your favorite product and feel extra special.

Happy kissing! And don’t forget to let us know how it went… 😉

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