If Kylie Jenner gets mentioned in any conversation among beauty addicts, you probably already know why that is: her full, plump , beautiful lips. Of course, if nature – or any extra help – hasn’t gifted you with a pout like hers, even with a properly used lip marker it is very difficult to make your lips look so full if you just stick to matte products. The real secret here is to use water-effect lip gloss, mainly because formulas containing hyaluronic acid will make your lips look instantly plumper, and moisturize your lips as an added bonus.

On top of all that, the visual effect you can get from any lip gloss beats that of matte products hands down: so, even if we still love matte lipsticks and long-lasting colors, our spring pick will be gloss. The formulas used for lip gloss are more easily wearable and the colors are just perfect for milder weather. If you really can’t live without your favorite lipstick, there’s a last resort, or actually two. You can either go for a gloss that is entirely transparent, or you can match layers of different hues of the same color: this will slightly modify the finish without you having to give up on the vivid colors you love. xxx

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