We’ve said it time and again: removing your makeup is Beauty Routine 101, because a clean and moisturized skin translates into a younger and more beautiful you, especially in the summer, when your waterproof makeup gets a lot more use.
Let’s be honest though: you don’t always have specific products at hand to remove the more durable or more stubborn makeup, especially waterproof mascaras and lipsticks that do not rub off. If you think micellar water is going to help you get rid of any makeup… think again. As much as we love this product, to remove sweat proof and waterproof makeup you’ll have to raise your game.
On the one hand, waterproof and water resistant products allow you to take a dip into the swimming pool without worrying you’ll emerge resembling a panda bear; on the other hand, you risk rubbing your skin and eyes excessively upon removing your makeup, and thus might end up irritating them.
But worry not: the magical world of cosmetics has come up with a solution to every existing problem. There’s a wide range of products you can use to remove any trace of makeup from your skin – delicately. The best known among them are biphasic makeup removers, which are made up of both water-based and oil-based phases, dissolve your mascara simply, and are not rough on your eyelashes and brows.
More in general, oil is a fundamental ingredient in a wide range of these products. Coconut, oil, and almond oil are particularly indicated for any kind of skin, even oily skin, because once you’ve washed them off, they discourage extra production of sebum.
One of the products we love best is makeup removers balm, which are becoming more and more popular and are also looking like they will be the future of skincare. These products have a cream-like texture, but once applied and massaged onto the skin, they turn into oils and finally into creamy cleansing milks.
Or, in case of emergency (and especially at the beach or at the pool), you can use biphasic wipes or cleansing milk, which also perfectly cleans your skin; the latter, however, should always be chosen carefully depending on what kind of skin you have.
Long story short: no need to worry about your mascara staining your towel: from now on, removing waterproof makeup will be so easy!

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