If you’re beauty veterans, this headline might have made you smile. You probably already use primers for any step of your makeup routine, from foundation to eyeshadow. We want to convince those who don’t, though, because trust us, using a primer for your mascara has lots of advantages!

1. Mascara will be easier to apply, and it will last longer. Even the ones that tend to fall off or get clumpy will behave with a primer.

2. You will never need fake eyelashes. Most primers contain fibers that stick to your eyelashes, making them longer and giving you the doe-eyed look without too much effort.

3. If your eyelashes are very straight, primers will help you keep the curve that you get with your eyelash curler, thanks to the fixing polymers contained in the different formulas.

Last but not least, remember that primers have a moisturizing action and that applying them for a longer period of time will fortify your lashes, and actually improve their health! Not bad for a gesture that only takes a few seconds, right?

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