Girls, this is for you: from now on, there will be no bathroom crisis anymore. No more panic attack because you sneezed exactly in the moment you were putting mascara on. No throwing a tantrum because of your trembling hands, flubbed eyeliner or blended eyeshadow. No losing it because you have no makeup remover pads anymore when you come home at three o’clock in the morning.

Just go straight to bed and have a good night of sleep. Of beauty sleep, indeed. Because now, in beauty, panda is sexy. Means that messy eyes are THE trend to follow par excellence. We doubt, of course, that all models at Marc Jacobs’, Dries Van Noten’s and Cristiano Burani’s shows just showed up on the catwalks after partying all night long –- but that’s exactly how they looked like. And they looked stunning!

We spotted a beautiful mess all around their eyes: blended mascara, blurred khol and scattered glitter. Totally playing it the “woke up like this” style. And since getting this makeup done definitely doesn’t need an artist (only a nice pillow), the beauty trend might become our favorite for this season. So in case you’re late for work because you overslept, don’t worry: first of all, your makeup is already done. And your excuse is ready, too: just explain you had to practice hard on the new makeup trend. Which is not a lie…

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25 Responses to “Woke up wearing yesterday’s makeup? That’s exactly what looks hot right now”

  • nice thinking. every woman try to make her gorgeous. this is help them

    thank for this tips

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  • I already love this trend! Feels awesome I don’t have to pay attention to making perfect lines anymore 😀

    – Marta

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    How awesome! I can finally stop trying make a perfect line 😀 I feel I will love this trend.

    – Marta

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  • Most of these girls look like they’ve been abused at home… Seriously, where the hell are the catwalk makeup trends going? Don’t like, sory not sorry…

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      • TBS CREW

        Well, this is the way Some of us wake up every saturday morning 😀 Not violence at all, just laziness at home! Did this ever happened to you? 🙂

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