Under every perfect makeup, there’s an even more flawless skin. Today Manuele MameliChiara Ferragni‘s makeup artist, unveils exclusively for our monthly column #BBtips all his secret tips to have a bright and heathy skin to show during spring summer 2018.




Hello Manuele, how much skincare is important?

It’s the first step for every perfect makeup look. There’s no miracolous foundation, but for sure a good foundation on an healthy skin performs 10 times better.



So, which is the best beauty routine?

The first important rule is to remove makeup before bedtime, first using a bi-phase makeup remover to get rid of the strongest layer, then a micellar water. The second step is to hydrate your face skin with a rich night cream. When you wake up, cleanse well your face with a micellar water to throw away all the night impurities, then apply a day cream as a base for your makeup.



Why an hydrating cream is so important?

Because it will help us to apply the foundation better, using less and with a more natural result…plus, we won’t see anymore that hideous patches of dryness!



Other suggestions we should never forget?

To deep cleanse your skin, I suggest you to exfoliate it with a scrub or a sonic face brush, that is perfect to remove impurities and leave the skin smooth, healthy and glowing at the same time. If you cleanse your face very well, your skin will absorb better the treatments. Finally, take care of your skin with a mask once/twice a week.



Find out in our gallery below all the products for a glowing skin!



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