Spring summer 2018 beauty must have? Mascara! Eyelashes will be the main focus of our next makeup looks, for dramatic looks and more natural ones. Our eyes will be our best statement: big yes, then to, extreme long, volumized and defined eyelashes!




How to create a wow effect on our eyelashes? Here your are our suggestions:


Big yes to eyelash curler: love it or leave it? If you don’t have natural curved eyelashes, it’s the best ally to open your gaze. To boost the effect, choose a high impact curling mascara.


Eyelashes need primer, too: there’s eye primer, face primer, lip primer… there must be an eyelashes primer too! It’s a white or trasparent mascara that can be put on our lashes as a base, in roder to give some volume. For a truly wow effect, you need to have on in your cosmetic box!


How to apply it: there are so many different opinions about applying mascara, but only one goal: avoid clumps. The old-school zig-zag motion is a good method to apply mascara on all the eyelashes, but if you stress it too much you’re definetely going to make clumps. Better to apply it from the bottom to the top and have a second coat.


Granny’s remedy: are your eyelashes too thin and short to get that dramatic gaze you’ve always wanted? Here’s the trick: every night, before going to bed, aply some castor oil on your eyelashes with a clean mascara brush. We bet you’ll find, after a few weeks, longer and healthier eyelashes!



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