It’s that time of the year when the atmospheric agents just don’t want to give us a break. It’s the allergies, plus the sun, and then the smog. Often the first to feel the effects is the face, which reveals it’s discontent through rashes and irritations. How do you regain serenity and the perfect skin? We’re suggesting 25 face masks for you to choose from, depending on your needs, they’ll calm the troubled zone and bring it back to normality.

There are those made for hydration (a fundamental step adapted for all skin types), those with a detox function, those to rebalance the skin and those for people who want a bit of everything in one single product. To achieve the best results make sure that the mask is applied onto washed and cleansed skin, preferably at night or when you have the time to relax, and afterwards don’t expose the skin to any new sources of stress. You should ideally repeat this beauty ritual two times a week, or why not organize a multimasking session with friends: to sort out the problems of the skin as well as those of the heart! 😉

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