Composit OlioArgan oil is a wonderful gift of nature: it’s so versatile and it’s the perfect ally that will fit into a small beauty case, for all those of us who prefer a simple product to anything containing a neverending list of ingredients. What you might not know is that it’s not just moisturizing: there are many other ways it can be helpful. Here are 5 Argan oil beauty hacks to try in your daily routine, starting today.

1. Use it to create the perfect homemade scrub. Mix together a generous quantity of Argan oil and a little bit of sugar and there you go: your very own exfoliating treatment will be ready, in a matter of instants. The oil will moisturize your skin and make it soft, while the sugar will take care of eliminating the layer of excess cells from your skin.

2.To make your tonic treatment into a moisturizer, which will basically give you a homemade Korean-style essence. Mix Argan oil and rose water, or witch hazel, a plant that is famous for its astringent effect on the skin. This will help the balance of your skin, and take care of an essential step of your summer beauty routine by giving you an extremely lightweight moisturizer.

3. Argan oil is hugely helpful with stretchmarks. If you make sure you apply it onto your stretchmarks every day, these will clearly not disappear overnight, but they will become less and less visible. This happens thanks to Argan oil’s ability to improve your skin’s elasticity, leaving your skin softer and tighter.

4. To take care of your nails and cuticles. Apply a small drop of oil on each nail, massage the oil in and give your skin a few minutes to absorb it. The nourishing treatment will make your cuticles softer and ready for manicure, and will make the hard parts of skin on the side of your nails completely disappear.

5. To remove particularly long lasting or waterproof makeup. Just put some Argan oil on a small cotton disc, place it on your eyes for a few seconds, and proceed to remove your mascara. You will realize this miracle product will manage to get rid of even the most resistant, stubborn formulations. If the oil leftovers on your skin bother you, grab a damp towel and run it over the skin of your face: this will remove the excess oil very quickly.

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