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Composit - VitaminsVitamins are an essential part of a healthy diet. And not just in the kitchen! Their direct application on the skin can, in fact, work wonders. We’ve made a list of the 5 must-have vitamins in a beauty routine, selecting our favorite products for each one, all of which you will find in our gallery. Let’s begin in alphabetical order!

Vitamin A: for wrinkles. It will help you reduce the first signs of ageing, lighten small brown spots that appear on the face or hands and improve general skin texture. The most common product category you can find it in is night creams (look for it as retinol).

Vitamin B3: for redness. It stimulates the production of ceramides and fatty acids, which are basic components of epidermis’ protective barrier. Look for it in serums and lotions; it often appears in the list of ingredients as niacinamide.

Vitamin C: for pimples. If your daily moisturizer includes it, it’s the right one for you. Vitamin C eliminates free radicals responsible for the main skin inflammations, among which women’s N.1 enemy. Just like Vitamin A, C represents an excellent ally to even out possible skin discoloration.

Vitamin E: to moisturize. It helps the skin retain components that keep it hydrated for longer. It protects it from exposure to UV rays as well, so look for it in sunscreens too.

Vitamin K: for dark circles. An essential ingredient for those who have a very dark under-eye area. Combined with retinoids (derived from vitamin A) it works by lightening and improving the appearance of the skin in this delicate area.

In order for them to be effective, remember that you should be able to find the vitamins around the middle of the list of ingredients. If they are listed below, it means their concentration is too low to actually be effective. Let’s shop now, click on the name of the products to purchase them in a few clicks!

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