With the change in season, we like to renew everything: eyeshadow color, lipstick choices, and why not… Even creams, serums, and anything related to skincare. There aren’t any rules really, but we thought of sharing 5 tips for your springtime skincare routine, as a guide in the jumble of jars and bottles on our bathroom shelf, sou you can eventually adapt what you have to the upcoming summer.

1. Get rid of old winter skin with a good peeling. Choose gentle products if you want to do it yourself, or maybe go to your favorite spa. It is very important to let the skin of your face  start again anew, to stimulate cell growth, and general elasticity.

2. Do not stop using oils. Just make sure you choose light textures or two-stage products, but don’t stop using oils, as this kind of formula is excellent in hot weather. If you worry about oil being too much for your skin during the day, use it as a night treatment, and apply it before you go to bed.

3. Use moisturizers with a lighter consistency. Almost all brands offer a gel version of their must-have products, and gel is a texture that works very well during the hot months. Asian-inspired products, like essence, are perfect for this season, during which you might not have the time the skin needs to absorb overly thick creams.

4. Use. A. Primer. We will never stop reminding you! If you want your makeup to have the slightest chance to last a little, this step is absolutely fundamental. A matte-effect primer will be your makeup’s best friend during spring and summer. Try it for yourself!

5. Don’t forget sun protection! Whether it is incorporated into your moisturizer , in your foundation, or you apply it onto your skin in a separate step, sunscreen is absolutely vital, especially for those prone to skin discoloration, or those who get sunburned easily.

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