You know how good it feels when the skin on your face is cool and glowing? Wouldn’t it be great to feel that way even after a whole day in the sun? As temps get warmer and the sun shines longer each day, you need to up your game in terms of skincare, so that your skin stays moisturized and luminous. Here’s the ultimate after-sun skincare routine for after your tanning sessions in the sun.

Firstly, eye on the prize: moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. Drinking a lot of water is always a good habit and more so if you’re in the sun for multiple hours a day. If you tend to get distracted, no worries – there are so many apps out there to remind you to have water throughout the day!
Now that we’re covered the basics, let’s turn to this after-sun skincare routine. Start with making sure you’ve removed all impurities (including all traces of the generous amount of sunscreen that you’ve been applying all day long. Because you HAVE, right?). So you need to start with a nice shower, neither too hot nor too cold, to steam your pores gently, before you unclog them with a mild cleanser. Remember: the sun irritates your skin, so you need to take care of it like the treasure it is. To get rid of dead skin (and trust me, you have a lot of it), you can use a peeling product, as long as it’s delicate.
Next phase: skin toner (which needs to be both moisturizing and soothing) and a nice moisturizing and cooling mask for your skin to soak on for a few minutes. Now it’s time for the main show: a moisturizing after-sun lotion. Did you know that aloe, shea butter, yogurt and cucumbers, which often appear as ingredients of this kind of product, can also be used on their own to repair dry skin, thanks to their soothing properties? Because they can! And they are our natural allies in the war on after-sun dehydration.
Routine over! You’re know the proud owner of skin that doesn’t even know the concept of “dry”. Scroll down to the gallery to see all the products you need to fight against dryness!

Text by Clelia Veith

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