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Some people love stockings and others hate them. Despite stockings being cool again, if you prefer bare legs, nothing will change your mind. While that is not an issue in summer, when our tan makes our legs look just perfect, in Winter you will need to put a little bit more work into making your legs look great when you are wearing mini and midi skirts. So here are 3 rules to follow to get daring, and go through Winter bare-legged!

EXFOLIATE. Eliminating dead cells and stimulating cell regeneration is always a good idea, both in Summer and Winter. Your skin will look smooth and glowing after a delicate scrub: get yourself a glove, and massage your legs when you shower. This will also activate your blood flow, fighting fluid retention.

MOISTURIZE. Cold weather dries your skin, which is why it’s going to need some extra care! Creams and oils are a must: apply them morning and evening, maybe with a massage, which will help you get rid of excess liquid.

TAN. Snow-white legs don’t look so great, not even in Winter, do they? If you need a touch of color, you can go for spray tan, which is effective and easy to use nowadays. Use it sparingly, to avoid looking like you just came back from a holiday in the Tropics. If you don’t wear skirts that often, foundation can also do the trick: many foundations can also be applied on your legs, making them perfect for a special night out.


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