Composit - Beauty BoxBeauty is a passion that can get expensive really fast. Your purse is always in danger, whether you want to try the latest cream that was released, the newest lipstick color you shouldn’t be missing, or a hardly available mask from Korea. There is a solution, though, for those of you who want to have fun trying new stuff every once in a while: beauty boxes. These are usually monthly subscriptions – though there is usually the option to also buy stuff as a one-off – that will bring small tester or mini-sized versions of new products, so you can try them out without spending a fortune. The price of these services ranges from 15 to 200 euros, depending on the kind of box, and on the associated brands, as well as on the amount of products contained in each box. Very often, these subscription services are an excellent way to discover lesser known brands, while one-shot collections or limited editions are very rich in cult products, selected by online stores, as well as beauty editors and influencers. They all have one thing in common: they offer way more than the price you’re paying, so it’s kind of like shopping during sales, or receiving lots of little gifts. Have a look at our beauty boxes suggestions to try out in the gallery, complete with price and availability information. Don’t worry… You can totally blame us if you suddenly find yourself spending money on something new!

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7 Responses to “Beauty boxes: what they’re all about, and why you really should subscribe”

  • I’m subscribed to GlossyBox and I adore it. I’m used to the money coming out monthly so I don’t miss it. The subscription allows me to discover all these new products and some of these have become my daily essentials!

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    I recently purchased the Cult Beauty Box by Anna & Lily and it was excellent! I would definitely purchase another as the products in my first one were great.


    Reply to Kim
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