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Lynnsee van Gordon, designer and beauty geek, California girl. After studying design and marketing in college, she immediately knew that she wanted to start her own venture. She started her own beauty brand as an answer to both her wish to start a company, as well as to respond to her own personal need: Lynsee suffers from acne roseacea, a chronic skin condition, and her complexion was washed out. It was next to impossible for her to find a product line that would satisfy her.


Well, no sooner said than done! Anese was started in January 2016, and it soon transitioned from a personal solution into a line available for consumers. The company name derives from anise, one of Lynnsee’s favorite spices to cook with, which also happens to be fragrant and sweet, just like her brand. She developed her products with a little help from her friends, who participated in brainstorming sessions to name the products together: the funny messages that the girls exchange every day were inspiration for that. “Anese girls” never take themselves too seriously, but they do care about their skin’s well-being.


The entire line is cruelty-free, wholly developed in LA and produced on the West Coast, and it is designed to satisfy today’s girls’ needs. The names of the products are just genius, and quite unforgettable. Need a few examples? One of their masks is named Pretty Sure I’m Gorgeous, and their tonic is called Can I Speak to Your Manager?.


The Body & Hair Elixirs, created for those of us who are always on the go, and need a product that hydrates and that can also work as perfume. Should you need a miracle, buy Bless This Mess: it contains holy water – we swear, it’s really been sanctified. 😉

All images via Anese.

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