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who-2Tiffany Masterson is a mother and an entrepreneur who was able to turn her passion for skincare into an empire. After finishing her studies at Texas University, and moving to Houston, she decided to devote her time to her children, while making some extra money on the side selling soap bars. When selling soap, Tiffany felt like she needed to know a lot more about the formulas and ingredients she was dealing with, not just to better inform her clients, but also for herself, since she was trying to find a suitable cream for her face at the time.

Drunk Elephant started from the need to take care of our skin in a different, more aware manner. This skincare line is not toxic, and only uses natural and synthetic products — none of the products contains any of the six ingredients that are known to compromise your skin’s health: perfume, silicones, essential oils, alcohol, SLS and chemical screens. This concept was actually designed for those who have skin issues, such as sebum in excess in the T-Zone, or enlarged pores. The name of the brand originates from some research that Tiffany made on Marula oil, one of the essential ingredients of her creams: apparently, elephants really love the fruit Marula seeds come from, and that when they eat them, they can look like they are drunk.
Despite being oil-based, the formula respects the skin’s pH levels without attacking it, giving it a beautiful glow, as well as making it clean and healthy, because oil can penetrate the skin very deeply, without causing it to produce any extra sebum. Letting your skin breathe also means freeing it of any impurities: this will make you notice the product’s beneficial effects very quickly and effectively.
Who wouldn’t want amazing, glowing skin? We totally fell for the C-Firma day serum, for how it nourishes our skin and fights pollution, but also for its anti-oxidant properties, its effectiveness against the aging process and against skin discoloration. It’s biocompatible, and it will nourish your skin for 72 hours. What else do you need, really?

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