Composit EstelleWHO Pernilla Rönnberg is a former CEO to a beauty company, and mother of two wonderful children, Estelle and Mathilde, the centre of her world, a world on which she started reflecting more and more, when she realised how many chemicals are out there, that might harm her girls’ health, as well as that of the future guardians of the planet. With lots of confidence in her ability to still be able to change things, Pernilla started Estelle & Thild, the Swedish organic beauty brand, in 2007. Her work focuses on finding effective formulas in nature, using all-natural organic active ingredients that will not harm anybody’s skin. The brand was immediately very successful in Scandinavia, and went on to become available in more than 1300 stores worldwide.

WHAT This is an ever-expanding cosmetics brand, that focuses on results as well as on the purity of the ingredients in use. Estelle & Thild’s products are made to adapt to everyone’s routine, without turning it upside down by adding unusual or bizarre steps, but still changing it and cleaning it up, making it more sustainable and eco-compatible. Products are designed for those who are always on the move, and need simple, minimalist products that do the job.

WHY All, and we mean all products, are certified organic. What does that mean, you ask? It means that 95% of the plant extracts in the products are certified organic too, that 95% of the products are naturally sourced, and that at least 10% of each product is made of organic ingredients. Wow!

TBS <3 The BioCalm product line, designed for sensitive skin, and the SuperBioActive one, for approaching Anti-Aging routines. Textures are very delicate and formulas are all-natural. Body products are also excellent, a real treat for your skin. There are really no limits to your choice! This is why we made a choice to help you out: look at the gallery below, click on each product, and find out more yourself.

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