Janis Kristianson, and her father Hannes Arthur, in a way. One night, many years ago, the main character of our story had a dream, in which her father wrote a detailed list of ingredients for her, pointing out their utmost importance to her. After startling awake, she connected the dots, listening to her intuition, and tried to figure out what was hiding behind those mysterious ingredients.


After a succession of unsuccessful experiments, Janis created Seamasque, the central product of her skincare line Hannes Dòttir (Icelandic for Hannes’ daughter). Iceland’s sea kelp are at the heart of the formula: their regenerating power is well known to the more hardcore beauty fans. The line is not new, actually it has been on the market for a few years. After a revamp, it rocketed into the center of the skincare world, becoming most coveted by lots of beauty editors all over the world – including myself.


It might be their mysterious origin, it might be Janis’s intensive work on formulas, either way, Hannes Dòttir’s products feel a little magical. The seaweed inside the products has the magical ability to become more effective exactly when the area you are treating needs it the most. Even after just one application, Seamasque will make your skin glow, and it will make it look more homogenous. Imagine what will happen when you use the masque twice a week as recommended!


Hannes Dòttir is an essential, effective and minimalist line (all ingredients are natural, surprise surprise). It passed our test with flying colors! Just one word of warning though, you might not want to open the door to the pizza delivery guy with this mask on your face. Of the myriads of products we test every month, this might be the oddest you will see on yourself in the mirror: it’s green because of the sea kelp inside it. Give yourself 20 minutes of happy solitude, and your face will look like a diva’s!

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